Thursday, June 12, 2008

Form and Space week 10

Also at the Rock Fest concert they had this huge dinosaur playing a guitar. I couldn’t imagine why they would have a dinosaur playing a guitar but again it’s a rock concert anything could happen. The dinosaur was big enough that you could see it all the way in the back when you first walk in and it was in the back of the concert area where if you had passes you can meet some of the band members. I was so tickled to see the dinosaurs I forgot to watch parts of the show. The dinosaur also had a Mohawk on it which also remained me of the Chick-Fil-A Minnie Moo at Hot Topic.

Form and Space week 9

In the International mall each store was giving a Chick-Fil-A Minnie Moo and they had to dresses it up and display it for everyone to see. Then who ever did they best job on dressing it up or had the most creative way displaying it; the employees of that store got free Chick-Fil-A. The Hot Topic in my opinion was the most creative one. Some of the stores that we saw just did a little bit to their cow, but the Hot Topic had a Mohawk, a studded collar and ear piercings galore. When you walk by the window, if you liked Hot Topic or not, it was defiantly and eye catcher.

Form and Space week 8

After the Z Galleria Tina and I went into this makeup place and saw these cardboard poster things of girls in underwear. You could walk around them and they were the same on both sides. It reminded me of our poem mobile and how they had to think of both sides and how the perspective would be like on the other side. There were several of them in different sitting and standing positions. I don’t understand what lingerie and make up have to do with each other but it was still really cool to look at and see how they thought of the different displace for the makeup and the girls in lingerie.

Form and Space week 7

My friend Lori and I went to the movies over at Citrus Park and as we went up stairs there was this huge castle like structure of gray blocks. I just had to walk around and go inside of the castle. It wasn’t build very well for it was kind of falling apart but it was still cool to walk in and out of. It wasn’t total closed off you could walk in and out of it and the walls weren’t all connected so it was like a maze kind of castle where you could walk in and out of the front and back it had several entrances to the block castle. It didn’t say what the castle was in relation too but I want to say for the Prince Caspian movie that just came out.

Form and Space week 6

I really liked this wall hanging statue because of how it was put together. Her hair was put together with what it looked like koi fish. As the fish swam around it make her hair look like it was flowing all over her. The fish also made up her top and part of her fin. She has such a surreal face on and makes the statue seem so alluring and calming to look at. I also loved the color scheme the artist used on this statue the bright orange fish with the dark purple of her fin and parts of her purple brown hair made it really stand out from the other wall statues.

Form and Space week 5

Along with the Hermes statue there was this other statue of this naked chick pouring water into the river. I really liked this statue for its elegancies and for the creative angels the artist put into this statue. The state was arranged in a very taste full stance and with the water pouring out of the pot she was holding into the little lake she was standing over made the statue calming and pleasing to look at. This statue reminded me a lot of Maxfield Parris paintings.

Form and Space week 4

When Jenn and I were walking down the street to some of the sponge stores we saw this huge sea turtle. I wanted to ride it but I am sure that wouldn’t be a great idea. The sea turtle I presume stud for the sea turtle migration. Or it could have just been because Tarpon Springs is near the ocean and sea turtles live in the ocean. Next to the turtle there was this giant shark that was hanging upside down and people were taking pictures of it with their family all around. Then maybe the turtle and the shark were there so turrets could take funny picture with their family for memories.

Form and Space week 3

As Jenn and I were walking down the streets in Tarpon Springs we came across this statue of some kind of bird. This bird was bug eyes with some crazy wings on it and looked like some kind of Aztec bird God. When we looked around the window into the store, the store had already closed for the day. We saw a bunch of other statues like that one. This statue was one of the bigger and more elaborate statues therefore it was smart to put it at the wind because it defiantly caught our eye and we wanted to go in the store but like is said it had already closed for the day.

form and space week 2

I’ve notice in looking into finding 3D objects that most of the statue I have found stand for some kind of reminder. Like the statue in Pensacola on the Blue Angels base. When you walk into the museum there is a statue of 5 men in uniform with a big American flag over them. It stands as a reminder for all the former men and women who have fought and have done heroic things. Like the statue with WWII with the men holding up the flag.

Form and Space, Career

Cheesy Roadside Attractions
I don’t know who is the nut- the one who built this or the one who is displaying this. It seems that every small town must have a gimmick to attract tourists and so the need for the Cheesy Roadside Attraction Maker. Every animal you can think of has been scaled up to the size of enormous just for the sole purpose of attracting some wanders by and families on road trips. Would I ever take a detour to see the largest ball of twine or the biggest shoe, no probably not, but who would in this economy. In the time of National Lampoon, families regularly spent time at these interesting rest stops just to say that they have visited the largest boot in America. If you were a maker of these strange items you would need to know a lot about metal, fiberglass, and any other material that would continue to last throughout the generations.

Form and Space, Career

Custom Jewelry Maker

I have noticed that during Christmas and Valentine’s day one jeweler will come out with the year’s “it” jewelry and everyone will copy it- for example the Trinity ring, or this past years Journey pendent. If you want to go against the norm, become a jewelry designer. As a custom jeweler you will need to know multiple techniques for soldering and metal fabrication techniques, in addition to workability of metals, testing of metals, and finishing techniques. Other than knowledge about metals, you will also need to know about gemology, enamels, and specialty materials like perhaps glass or plastic.

In the picture above you see an artist’s interpretation of jewelry. She considers the body the piece of “metal” that would be the base for the “gem,” which in this case is light. Her designs reflect onto the body to create her jewelry.

Monday, June 9, 2008

High Society

This layout communicates well. The audience can feel and understand the population density through the size and detail of the image. The color adds punch and identifies the buildings as unique to their location . . . I tried to take this photo myself while in Hong Kong, being so struck by the incredible human density contained within these sky-scrapping projects that cover the island and surrounding area, but couldn't do the scene the same justice as this photographer. . .

Cassette Skull

Apart from the really interesting and innovative piece of art displayed here - a skull sculpture made of melted cassette tape casings - I appreciate this layout for several reasons. . .
I like the simplicity, high contrast and organization (like a track list) of the text within the layout. I also like the stylized details at the corners of the piece. All the information is necessary and easily interpreted allowing for the emphasis and focus to remain on the boldness and interest of the image/art. . .


This is my favorite magazine - SEED - the periodical navigates the incredibly interesting and unique interface between science and art/design . . . A defining characteristic of the mag is the rainbow graphic present on the spine of each issue. The image itself is a spectroscopy analysis (a method through which a chemical compound is bombarded with entire visible spectrum of light to reveal a unique pattern - the white bars that appear on the rainbow); so on issue there is the consistency of rainbow image across the spine, but every month features a different element (meaning that the white lines are in different places on each issue). . . really cool! For this issue in particular, I'm really drawn to the circuitry incorporated into the text and the use of color, the primary muted colors of the background image really allow the bright orange of the title to pop.


I really like the multiplicity of all of the tiny pieces and parts cascading across this layout. . . this artist's work is so incredibly meticulous and detailed! The bold yet muted color Palate is nice, and the tonal shifts really help move the viewer's eye through the composition. There exists an essential juxtaposition and contrast between the planes of the image, allowing the audience to circulate within the piece and gather more and more information with each take . . .